Hand and Feet Scrubs

(I can’t believe I forgot to post this!)

For Christmas, I made my lovely Mother-In-Law a natural lemon sugar hand & feet scrub. I also made a Red Wine & Brown Sugar version for myself and I love it!

Lemon Sugar Scrub:

1 cup white sugar (you can make however much you want, the more olive oil and lemon juice you add, the runnier it will be.) Olive oil and lots of lemon juice for fragrance! Rub this on your hands for one minute then rinse off, you’re hands will feel so smooth and smell delicious!

Red Wine & Brown Sugar Scrub

Exactly like it sounds! Take any red wine of your choice, mix it with brown sugar and olive oil, just like in the recipe above!

Store in the refrigerator and mix well before each use.

Your hands and feet will feel baby smooth!! 🙂

(To make as a gift, put in a glass jar, decorate (bows, paint the top, etc.), and write instructions on a paper and glue it to the jar! Such as “Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub- Refrigerate and Mix Well! :)”)


This is the one I have for myself in my fridge! 🙂

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