Swim Journal

Swim lessons for infants start at 6 months old. I am really excited to do this with Liam! But before we go, I want to practice. Liam is going through Stranger Anxiety, so that on top of being in a huge giant pool doing weird activities for the first time seems like way too much! We are going to start swim lessons here at home in the bathtub. We may even try the neighborhood pool second if it opens soon enough. I will record our weekly progress until I think he’s ready for Big Boy Swim Lessons!

day one.

I decided the best time to do this would be right when he woke up from a nice long nap. I filled up the “adult” bathtub and added bubbles and toys. We began with just getting a feel for the water and independent play. On his own, he tilted his body backwards and I helped him float upside down. Because this is new and kind of scary I sang “Twinkle, twinkle little star” to him. Every time we practice floating on his back I will sing this to him. If he knows the song means he’s going to float, it won’t be as shocking. We did this a few times throughout the bath.“Up, down” is a fun pass time game, where you lift him up and down in the water. “Back, forth” is the same idea, moving him forwards and backwards in the water.

His rubber ducky was floating on the other side of the tub and he lunged forward. I lifted his body up and he kicked his legs and moved his arms and I helped him get to the rubber ducky! It was so cool! He really likes the water and isn’t scared or uncertain. He’s ready to play and move around! I blew in his face and used a cup with holes in the bottom to pour a small amount of water over his face. When I blow, he takes a breath and holds it for a second. During professional swim lessons they do this technique, but have the mom submerge the infant into the water. I would not be ready to do this yet! Not for a long, long time probably! This is one reason why we are starting swim lessons here at home. He still sucked in a little water even with our technique. He did awesome for his first day. We will continue to work on these skills this week. I will update our progress next Friday!

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My Favorite Diapers: Thirsties AIO Duo-Snaps

Obviously I’m not getting paid for this review. But wouldn’t that be nice!!! Hahaha. This is my real life, actual opinion.

Since I started cloth diapering, Thirsties covers have been my favorite brand. They have cute designs, fit nicely, and are very affordable! I “Liked” their page on Facebook and read some of their customers talking about how much they like the All-In-Ones (AIO). I discovered they were diapers with the cloth linings already sewn to the cover, with tons of padding and “pockets” where you can put additional inserts. They came in the same great designs.

I was super excited! I was recently disappointed one morning when I woke Dylan up to change Liam’s diaper, he got up without protest (he’s the best), tried to change Liam’s diaper and came back with the cover on backwards the prefold hanging half way out and the snaps barely shut. He was in there for a long time, but just couldn’t figure it out! How sad! Hahaha. So upon hearing about the AIO’s I realized this would be an easy way for others to change his diaper and help me out a little bit without feeling totally overwhelmed!

I ordered two, one in Mud and the other Hoot. I also ordered (2) 2 packs of hemp inserts made by Thirsties.

All you do is snap and go! And you can make it even easier on yourself by stuffing the insert and snapping the sides closed ahead of time and just pull up the diaper like, well pull-ups!

I was trying to avoid poopy’s in these diapers and to use them mainly for overnight. I just liked them so much and wasn’t sure how the stains would wash out! But this morning what-do-ya-know there was poopy of course! So I did a wash and was SO surprised to find that it came out COMPLETELY white?!? That never happens with the prefolds. I didn’t even need to sun it!

These diapers are amazing and two will be perfect for us and all we need! They make cloth diapering simple and logical. Dylan, other relatives, and future babysitters will all appreciate it too!


This is Mud. Definitely my favorite diaper of them all!



This is Hoot!



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First Squash- and other 6 month milestones.



He got into this position all by himself! He is amazing!! (Marlea is lurking in the background on the right, LOL!)


Cut squash in half, remove seeds. Place face down in baking pan filled with 1-2 inches of water. Bake at 400 degrees for an hour. Remove squash and place in blender (do not use skin). Add water and puree.

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at only 5 months old.

I couldn’t believe it! I was sitting on the living room floor next to Liam on the laptop. He started messing with the computer so I moved it further away. A few minutes later I was thinking “Come on, Liam! Leave the computer alo-” then it hit me! How did he get to the laptop when I moved it away from him?!? He was CRAWLING! I called Dylan in the room (luckily it was on his only day off!) and we watched our amazing baby start to crawl! We put objects that were appealing to Liam near him on the floor and watched as he pulled with his arms and kicked with his legs and moved himself with all his might to get them! As the day went on, he was moving better and faster!

This happened Sunday, February 10, 2013! He was five months old, four days from turning six months old!

This is a huge accomplishment and I am so proud of him!!!

Here is a link to the Youtube video of his “First Crawls”. People said he resembled a wounded soldier, a swimmer, and a zombie! LOL

Here is him being mischievous and trying to get to the animal’s water bowl! On 2/13/13!

This was today 2/18/13!

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Welcome to the World!- From the Obama’s!

Early in January of this year, I mailed President Obama a birth announcement for Liam. I included a letter, along with his full name and date of birth, Dylan’s and my name, and our home address.

This past Saturday, Feb. 16, we received a letter back! I was so excited to see a letter to Liam from the White House! I am so happy I have this keepsake for him, it’s historical and cool! I wish I had one!!

You can get a free congratulatory note from the President for your baby too! Regardless of your politics, it’s a neat thing to put in your baby’s box of saved items. Send your birth announcement to:

White House Greetings Office
Room 39
Washington, DC 20500

You can also fax the information to 202-395-1232.  What you will need to include with either request is the baby’s name and date of birth, the names of the parents and the address where you would like the greeting to be sent to you.


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Half Birthday/First Valentine’s Day.

On February 14, Liam turned 6 months old! :’) He is growing up so quick. It was also his very first Valentine’s Day! We spent the day together, went to the park, went down the slide, cuddled, and played together all day long! This post is to share with you his special day!

How he celebrated his first V-Day

I made Liam a special Valentine’s Day t-shirt so he could take pictures and send his relatives a Valentine!

I took black, yellow, and white felt and made a bee.


Then, I glued the bee onto a red heart. Glued the red heart to one of his plain white t-shirts. Finally, with red paint I wrote “Bee Mine?”


We took tons of cute pictures! Then picked one and made a valentine! (I can’t find the actual Valentine, I guess I didn’t save it on my computer!) I used photo paper to print them out and sent them in the mail. I wrote “WILL YOU “BEE” MY VALENTINE?” on it, with a couple red hearts. Here are some of the pictures!


We made one for his Daddy too and he took it to work the next day to show it off!! It was so sweet how much he loved it!

How he celebrated his half birthday

Now that he’s mastered crawling and gets around super fast, he spent most of the day trying to get into mischief! 🙂 We walked to the park and went down the slide together a few times! He thought it was really fun 🙂 We played together all day long and then hung out with his Dad when he got home from work!



Can you find Jonah (the cat) in this picture??



Lots of love. 🙂

Liam’s Favorites

movies- Pitch Perfect (he loves the singing and the pretty girls lol) and Finding Nemo! He doesn’t like many movies or TV shows(which is a good thing), but if we are watching one of these he is all for it!
toys- Cars walker, Sophie the Giraffe, activity gym and piano
books- Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Polar Bear, Polar Bear. On the Night you were Born. Goodnight Moon. One Fish Two Fish. Polar Express. Lady and the Tramp.
activities- playing with Mommy and Daddy. Going on walks. Crawling and exploring the house. Laughing and singing. Chasing the animals.
food- avocados, bananas, and sweet potatoes.

On February 18 we will know his measurements at his 6 month appointment!

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A Delicious Dinner!

Tonight’s menu for Liam was:

Organic sweet potatoes and organic brown rice.

I bought a pretty large sweet potato, washed it, and poked holes in it with a fork. Then I rinse it again because it cooks better with a little water in it. Wrap in foil and put in the oven for about 1 hr and fifteen minutes (depending on how big your sweet potato is). Once cooked and cooled, peel off the skin. It came off very easily for me! Mash with a fork or blend in a blender! Add a little water and serve!


I have a big sandwich bag full of leftovers in the freezer!

Cook brown rice on stove for 45 minutes. Cool, blend with a little water.


(I mixed some of the rice and sweet potatoes together for him too!)

He definitely approved!! 🙂


“I give sweet potatoes a THUMBS UP!” 😉

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