How to stay sane- barely.

Do less. As a stay-at-home mom, I would like to say that my house is always spotless, I have a gourmet dinner cooked every evening, I have showered, put myself together, and have worked out, all while keeping the baby happy on a daily basis. But the truth is, if it was even possible for me to do that every day, I would probably be losing my mind! I have learned the best cure for stress is putting the broom down and painting your nails instead.

Do more things that make you happy and relaxed. Break household duties down by the week. Trying to do everything in one day won’t ever happen, so why attempt that everyday just to fail? Of course there are definitely many tasks that DO have to been done daily, so why pile up more? Instead, read a book or have coffee outside when you get a few minutes of free time.

Close your eyes for 5 minutes. It’s not always possible to nap when you desperately need to as a mom. But even if the baby is awake, put him in the play pen for a few minutes, lay on the couch and close your eyes. It’s amazing how much this can help and keep you going throughout the day!

Walk, lay out in the sun, have tea. Liam and I (and Dylan when he’s home) love walks and hikes and are outside for a lot of the day. (Soon it’s going to be so HOT so we have to enjoy it while it’s still nice out!) I love to lay outside and tan. Even when Liam is awake we both enjoy hanging out in the backyard which makes this activity easy and stress-free! I love relaxing and having tea. Mother’s Milk is mainly what I drink because it is good for lactation and caffeine-free! (I get plenty of caffeine with my coffees throughout the day!) When Dylan is home he landscapes and gardens in his free time to relax. He has both the backyard and the front yard looking beautiful and has planted lots of sunflowers and vegetables. We do chores and cook together and take it easy on one another when some things can’t get done immediately.

Take a warm bath. Light a candle and take an amazing bubble bath. The first time I did this since I gave birth to Liam was just a couple weeks ago and my body NEEDED it! It felt so good until he woke up half way through. But don’t let that discourage you! Things like that will always happen, but you can continue it later or try again the next day, no problem. I rocked him back to sleep in my towel then got right back in!

Eat healthy. If I eat almond butter on a piece of toast in the morning, salad for lunch, and protein and veggies for dinner, I notice a tremendous difference in my mood! Also, because I don’t have time to cook for myself everyday, I have been on a healthy frozen dinner and granola bar diet, and believe it or not I’ve lost over 15 pounds!! (Since February.) 

Drink a lot of water. Always have a bottle on you. Whenever you get a second drink water! If you are anything like me, you probably are never drinking the recommended daily amount, and being a mom of a baby you NEED it! Especially if breastfeeding.

Focus on and love your partner. Need I say more? Hugs and kisses and cuddles whenever possible is the best thing to help me stay strong. Having a happy, loving relationship even when we are both busy every second of the day is so important to us.

If someone wants to help, let them. I have never been away from Liam ever. Mostly because he was a high needs newborn and I knew there was no way I could leave him. Now that he’s older, he has stranger anxiety and isn’t familiar with many people who could watch him. Luckily, lots of mornings Dylan will get up with him so I can sleep longer and he takes on cooking and cleaning whatever I can’t get done. Someday I might get out of the house, but for now all the above is what’s keeping me sane- BARELY!

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