Swim Lessons Week Two

How did Liam do this week? AMAZING, couldn’t you have guessed? I mean the kid is practically Michael Phelps already, doing dives, swimming laps, winning medals… no big deal. Haha, I’m only kidding of course. I know you all hoped I would be reporting back with breakthroughs and big news, but that wasn’t really the case this week. He did learn two really huge, important things to know about swimming in the big bath tub, though.

The first- HOW FREAKING COOL it is when you lay on your back, with your ears in the water and listen to all the sounds around you. I remember doing this as a kid ALL THE TIME. It may not be the breast stroke or holding your breath under water, but it is pretty awesome if you ask me (or Liam). He thought it was so FUNNY!







The second- THE DRAINING PLUG. Ohhhh yeah. It’s shiny, it’s silver, and when you open it suddenly A WHOLE BATHTUB FULL of  water is sucked into a mysterious tiny black hole. Yeah, it’s pretty self explanatory how amazing draining plugs are in my opinion.


So is he doing cannonballs off the side of the tub yet? No. Am I pressuring him to be Ryan Lockte at 7 months old? No.

What we did accomplish last week: Filling the bathtub with more water. While playing, he dipped his face into the water a couple times this week. We worked on holding him up by his tummy and letting him kick his legs and move his arms. I slowly bring him across the water to a toy that he wants. We also do this on his back to practice floating.

What we are working on this week: Continuing to practice kicking legs and moving arms, and floating. Following his lead with putting his face in the water. Filling the tub gradually with more water.

My neighborhood’s pool is opening up in less than a month! We may venture there before signing up for official lessons next! I’ll keep updating each week!

Thanks for reading!!



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