Swim Journal

Swim lessons for infants start at 6 months old. I am really excited to do this with Liam! But before we go, I want to practice. Liam is going through Stranger Anxiety, so that on top of being in a huge giant pool doing weird activities for the first time seems like way too much! We are going to start swim lessons here at home in the bathtub. We may even try the neighborhood pool second if it opens soon enough. I will record our weekly progress until I think he’s ready for Big Boy Swim Lessons!

day one.

I decided the best time to do this would be right when he woke up from a nice long nap. I filled up the “adult” bathtub and added bubbles and toys. We began with just getting a feel for the water and independent play. On his own, he tilted his body backwards and I helped him float upside down. Because this is new and kind of scary I sang “Twinkle, twinkle little star” to him. Every time we practice floating on his back I will sing this to him. If he knows the song means he’s going to float, it won’t be as shocking. We did this a few times throughout the bath.“Up, down” is a fun pass time game, where you lift him up and down in the water. “Back, forth” is the same idea, moving him forwards and backwards in the water.

His rubber ducky was floating on the other side of the tub and he lunged forward. I lifted his body up and he kicked his legs and moved his arms and I helped him get to the rubber ducky! It was so cool! He really likes the water and isn’t scared or uncertain. He’s ready to play and move around! I blew in his face and used a cup with holes in the bottom to pour a small amount of water over his face. When I blow, he takes a breath and holds it for a second. During professional swim lessons they do this technique, but have the mom submerge the infant into the water. I would not be ready to do this yet! Not for a long, long time probably! This is one reason why we are starting swim lessons here at home. He still sucked in a little water even with our technique. He did awesome for his first day. We will continue to work on these skills this week. I will update our progress next Friday!

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