at only 5 months old.

I couldn’t believe it! I was sitting on the living room floor next to Liam on the laptop. He started messing with the computer so I moved it further away. A few minutes later I was thinking “Come on, Liam! Leave the computer alo-” then it hit me! How did he get to the laptop when I moved it away from him?!? He was CRAWLING! I called Dylan in the room (luckily it was on his only day off!) and we watched our amazing baby start to crawl! We put objects that were appealing to Liam near him on the floor and watched as he pulled with his arms and kicked with his legs and moved himself with all his might to get them! As the day went on, he was moving better and faster!

This happened Sunday, February 10, 2013! He was five months old, four days from turning six months old!

This is a huge accomplishment and I am so proud of him!!!

Here is a link to the Youtube video of his “First Crawls”. People said he resembled a wounded soldier, a swimmer, and a zombie! LOL

Here is him being mischievous and trying to get to the animal’s water bowl! On 2/13/13!

This was today 2/18/13!

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