Beta carotine and fruit smoothies!

Well… okay maybe it’s just steamed and pureed carrots. And… avocados and bananas mixed together! But shhh… don’t tell Liam, he’ll never know it’s healthy! 😉

As you may have guessed, we decided to venture out a little with foods! He’ll be 6 months on the 14th and there are a lot more yummy foods for 6 month olds!

Yesterday, I found a delicious treat that he LOVED. He has acquired a taste for avocados and likes them now, and he likes the taste of bananas because sometimes I let him chew on one when his teeth hurt. So I took one peeled banana and one avocado (no pit or skin) and put them in the blender. I pureed them together and Liam thought it was AMAZING! I tasted a little and it really wasn’t bad. There were LOTS leftover so I put them in sandwich bags then rolled them up so no air was in them and froze the bags. So all this week he can have delicious “fruit smoothies”!! 🙂

Steamed Carrots- Liam’s First Veggie.

I took probably about 10 organic baby carrots (NOT baby ‘cut’ carrots) and sliced them into small pieces. I boiled water in a medium sized pan (about 1/4 of the pan full). I took a very small sauce pan and put the carrot pieces in it. I put the sauce pan directly on top of the pan of boiling water. Then I put a lid over the pan. Essentially, I was trying to make a steamer and had no idea if it would work. It looked like this:


It took about 30 minutes of steaming until they were soft. Remember to refill the bottom pan with water if it starts to reduce. Once steamed, I put them in the blender, added a little water, and pureed them.

I gave Liam his first bite and he was shocked and disgusted lol.


Bite number two wasn’t much better!!! I tried to tell him it was only beta carotine but he wasn’t buying it! 😉


But eventually, he decided carrots were okay. 🙂


Aww! My healthy boy is loving all these nutritious foods! What a big boy.

I froze the leftovers for later!

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