A Peaceful Day At The Pond.

It was 80 degrees outside and after a very chilly week with frozen pipes, and the passing away of a great high school teacher of mine, I was ready to get out and enjoy the warmth and sunshine. I packed the stroller full of books, a few toys, water bottles, a big blanket, dog treats, and his Bumbo seat. I wore Liam in his carrier and put the dogs on leashes. We strolled through the neighborhood, laughing with neighbors at their comments on how much of a load I’m carrying. Soon we were at the pond and set up camp. I laid the blanket down and Liam, the pups, and I lied down and read stories.

We finished a book of Nursery Rhymes, Liam loves to do the hand movements for Pat-a-Cake and Itsy-Bitsy-Spider together, he cracks up! I took out The Velveteen Rabbit and prepared to read it to them. I placed the big, heavy book of Nursery Rhymes back in the stroller, which was right next to us and behind me.

As I began the story, I got an odd vibe and looked behind me. I realized the stroller wasn’t there anymore. I whipped back around and saw it heading straight for the pond! I jumped up, said some very loud words I probably shouldn’t have, stuck Liam in his Bumbo chair and ran to the pond. I was able to pull the stroller out of the pond before it submerged. It was like when a car goes head first into water in the movies but sits there for a LONG time and the people always have just enough time to make it out (apparently it does happen that way). Once I set the stroller down on dry land and started to walk away, it almost rolled BACK in the pond. All I was thinking was SERIOUSLY?!? Can this get ANY worse?!

Although the stroller was safe- books, toys, and MY PHONE, were floating through the pond. I rolled my pants up to my knees, manned up, and jumped right in. I guess I misjudged the depth and was instantly soaked up to my waist. I looked back and Liam was waving his arms, so excited by what Mommy was doing, and my puppies were looking at me like, “We have your back! We’ll totally jump in! Heck, we’ll jump in either way!!” (Luckily, they stayed with Liam so I AT LEAST didn’t have to come home with two wet dogs as well!) As I was pulling my phone out of the sand at the bottom of the pond, I was really “happy” about all the time I took rolling up my pants! Ugh! I grabbed everything else out of the water, then took the battery out of my phone and threw everything in the stroller.

The carrier was completely soaked, so I had to hold Liam while pushing the stroller and walking the dogs. LUCKILY, the walk is only about a minute to my house and my neighbors weren’t outside, but I was quite the sight to see, especially being covered in pond water up to my waist.

When I got home, I put the parts of my phone in a bag of rice for a little while, then set it out in the sun. I turned it on a few hours later and it WORKED! I still had a phone and all the REALLY cute photos I took before the stroller incident happened.

The two things I was MOST mad about this trip, although the whole thing was pretty ridiculous, were that I had brought most of our FAVORITE books. I set them outside to dry and they are fine and useable still, but they aren’t in their pretty, new shape anymore. 😦 The other thing was trying to get the image of the stroller falling straight into the pond out of my head. Now, for one, I NEVER put Liam in his stroller, I ALWAYS use the carrier and the stroller is just to hold our things. Two, I wouldn’t take my hands off of it EVER if he was in it. Three, (and I should have done this either way) I would have thought to use the brakes if he was in it. But JUST THE IMAGE of seeing a stroller going into the pond creeped me out for the rest of the day!

We were alone at the pond so I had absolutely NO help! I got everything out of the pond, packed up, got the baby and puppies home all in about 10 minutes! Just my luck, our lovely, peaceful day at the pond turned into an adrenaline rush adventure!


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