Reuse outgrown onesies

I love any way to save money. We have a chicken that gives us eggs, we don’t use our drier/dish washer often (I hang clothes and hand wash dishes), we use cloth diapers and wipes, turn off lights and unplug electronics, and the list goes on!

Well lately I’ve been wondering what to do with all the clothes Liam has already outgrown. I already gave away most of his newborn clothing, but he’s outgrown 0-3 and most 3 months too. 3-6 are getting snug, and so are his 6 month sleepers! I’ve been buying him 6-9 month lately just to be safe.

I realized he outgrows most clothes super fast because of the length, so it occurred to me maybe I could cut off the bottom of the onesie and use it as a shirt.

So you have your onesie. This is size 0-3 months.


Then you cut off the bottom part. I was doing two onesies at the time.


And it turns out like this!



0-3 months is on the small side (he’s over 5 months now!), but I think showing a little belly button is REALLY cute!

I’m excited to do this to most of his 3 month onesies! And if you are good at sewing, you could hem the bottom!


This is a 3 month onesie. Looks great!


I was able to reuse 23 of his onesies!!


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One Response to Reuse outgrown onesies

  1. Lisa sadler says:

    I love it, chelsea! You are awesome!

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