Cloth Diapering

When Liam was a month old, I decided to use cloth wipes instead of disposable because he was getting really bad rashes. As soon as I switched to cloth and tea tree oil, the rashes stopped. I was very much a beginner and the thought of cloth diapering overwhelmed me so I stuck to disposables.

A couple of weeks ago, I started researching more about it. I started to get a feel for it and to be honest when I saw how cute they were I was determined to learn how!

I mean seriously LOOK at them!!!


My main concern was that although they save you tons of money in the long run, the start up cost is ridiculous! $200 for diapers? I wasn’t going to throw $200 into something I had never done before and wasn’t even sure if it would work out for us! I was starting to lose interest, when I came across a trial pack for $11! It included one cover and three prefolds. I also ordered a few more covers online. The brands I’m currently using are Econobums and Thirsties. Econobums is the company that offers the trial pack for $11. I bought them at

I was so excited, yet a little skeptical when they arrived in the mail. I put them on him and after his first diaper change, realized it wasn’t that bad! I already had a separate laundry pile for the soiled wipes and any clothes that might accidentally get dirty, so I just threw the prefold with them. The cover was dry because there weren’t any leaks! The first night I kept a disposable on him because I was afraid it would leak and I didn’t want to clean a baby and a crib at 3 in the morning. But last night I decided to give it a try just to SEE if they would hold up. And GUESS WHAT! They did!!! This morning I change a baby who had dry pajamas and a dry cover!

Now that they have proven to hold up through the night, through poopys and leaks, I am sold on forever using cloth and I’m so happy it worked out! They’re cute, not as hard as I expected, and they don’t LEAK!!!


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