Schedule at 3 months

Liam just got through his 3 month growth spurt and is back to a normal schedule! He has also been a little colicky since he was born and that ended with this growth spurt. We also finally moved him to his big boy crib in his own bedroom. He does amazing in it, it was a lot harder for me!

Our day normally goes along these lines:

Wake up around 8AM, we cuddle in bed for a while, then change his diaper and get him dressed for the day.
After, he hangs out in his swing for 30-45 minutes while I play music, do laundry, drink coffee, take care of the animals, and pick up the house. Once he gets bored in the swing, I move him to his piano activity mat or the Bumbo. This entertains him for 20-30 more minutes.
At around 930-10 he starts getting fussy and his eyes get red so I know it’s nap time! I change his diaper, swaddle him in a SwaddleMe with another blanket swaddled around that (he breaks free otherwise and wakes up crying), nurse him, then hold him upright for 15-20 minutes while bouncing on an exercise ball. He goes right to sleep then I lay him in his crib and he sleeps for 2 hours.
I get lots done during this time. Breakfast, shower, get dressed, clean, maybe do my hair. Or I’ll just relax depending on how I feel. Sometimes he wakes up after an hour or hour and a half to eat. After he eats, he stays asleep for the other hour.
At around Noon he is back up again. I change his diaper then we cuddle and play together. He laughs and coos and is soooo sweet. If he slept the whole two hours without waking up to eat, he is hungry and we nurse right when he wakes up. Otherwise we wait another 45 min to an hour. We go for a walk during this time now that the weather is nice!
At about 130PM-2PM he starts getting fussy and I know it’s nap time again! We repeat the steps of diaper change, swaddle, nurse, hold upright on exercise ball for 15 minutes. He naps in his crib for about another 2 hours.
Around 4PM he’s up again and our routine starts over of playing and switching activities when he gets bored.
He then USUALLY does another nap for about an hour in the evening. Sometimes he skips this one, but usually I can count on another nap. This one is from 6PM to about 730PM.
Bathtime starts at about 8PM.  I read him a story while he plays in the tub. Then I give him a lotion massage, put him in a comfy sleeper, say goodnight to Daddy and the animals, swaddle, nurse, then bounce to sleep on the exercise ball. He is asleep by 9PM.
This schedule varies because sometimes during naps his reflux wakes him up and I have to rock him back to sleep a few times before he gets the full two hours. This happens at bedtime too for the first couple hours he may wake up a couple times. Once I get him to sleep for the night he’ll do a four hour stretch. He wakes up, I change his diaper, then bring him into bed with me. We cosleep and nurse side-lying for the rest of the night. I’m so tired I don’t really know how many times he wakes up or at what time this happens.

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