Top 3 Baby Items for Mommy

: I loooove swaddling. It helps keep my baby’s arms and legs from flailing and startling him awake so he sleeps longer. It also reduces the risk of SIDS because there isn’t loose bedding around the baby. Regular swaddling worked for about the first week with Liam. He is a strong baby and started breaking out of that pretty fast. Then I learned about the “super swaddle” and life was AWESOME again! But only after a couple weeks of that, he already could wiggle his way back out. I saw these cute little wraps at the store called SwaddleMe’s. I tried them and they work perfectly! Same concept as the super swaddle, but full proof. Some nights I’ll even swaddle another blanket over this one and he will sleep for a very long time! I swaddle him before naps during the day also, and he will take three 1-2 hour naps! This is my number one favorite baby item.

Baby carriers:
I couldn’t live without mine! Liam refuses to be put down. He doesn’t like swings or bouncers or anything really for longer than 3 minutes unless he is in my arms! This makes doing pretty much anything difficult. But since I started using the carrier, my hands are completely free and Liam is still close to me. Doing chores or getting ready for the day is sooo much easier with this. We go on walks and even breastfeed using this carrier! Mommy life is way better with a baby carrier.

Cloth wipes:
Weird I know! But cloth wipes are AMAZING! My poor baby always has diaper rash. I use Desitin and baby powder with every change but its messy and goopy and if I stop using it for even one change his diaper rash is back! And using that much Desitin isn’t cheap! I read somewhere online that cloth wipes would help with this. So I ordered 15 flannel wipes off Amazon for 7 dollars. I mix in two drops of tea tree oil in a very small spray bottle filled with warm water, spray it on his bottom and use a cloth wipe. Then I spray just a little more and leave it on him. He hasn’t had diaper rash since we started doing this! I rinse them, put in a baggy, wash every couple of days, and lay in the sun to dry. I’m not sure if it’s the flannel material, but the stains come right out! (I’m sticking with disposable diapers though.)

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