Life through my dogs’ eyes.

It all started when we noticed Mom getting really fat. She and Dad moved us to a bigger house with extra bedrooms, and confused us when they didn’t put any doggy beds in there. Then they started talking about this Baby all the time. We knew something was up!

We finally met Baby after Mom and Dad were gone for a few days. Mom came home not so fat anymore, carrying the cutest thing we ever saw! It was a MINI human! We love our humans and this was a little tiny one, which is even better!

At first, we were a little upset. The mini human wasn’t allowed to play with us and we could barely get kisses in without Mom and Dad telling us no! But as the days went on, we realized life with Baby was awesome!

Mom and Dad are so busy all the time that we can get away with SO much stuff! They don’t keep as good of an eye on us so we can chase the cat, chew on socks, run all around the house, and jump on the furniture!

When we get caught, they are too tired to even punish us! It’s AMAZING!

Although we are secretly loving life with Baby, Mom and Dad are clueless! They feel bad that they aren’t giving us all of their attention anymore so they take us on extra walks and give us more scoops at dinnertime! They take us to the park to run around and Dad even grooms us more!!

We just keep giving them our puppy eyes and they are wrapped around our paws!!!

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1 Response to Life through my dogs’ eyes.

  1. lisa sadler says:

    Ahhhhh!!! I remember those first days……

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