Life through Liam’s eyes.

I gotta keep my Mom and Dad on their toes. They gotta put in a good effort, or else this would just be too easy.

My number one rule is DON’T put me down. They think they can be sneaky and use those things that rock me and bounce me to keep me entertained, but I’ve caught on to all that. I like to be involved in allllll of the day’s activities.

But don’t worry, I don’t just let them think they can sit there and hold me and everything is all fine, there’s gotta be more than that going on! I really like the Walk & Bounce technique. Oh, and the funny songs and weird voices I’ve got them doing are HILARIOUS!

Strollers and carseats are a big no-no. As I stated above, putting me down is not an option. I will settle on the carrier that attaches me to Mom for a little while. Its kinda funny watching her try to get in and out of that thing! But if I feel there’s not much effort going on with this I make sure she knows!

And what’s with all this talk about Tummy Time? Not being held AND being on my tummy?! That’s a double negative! It’s a good thing I’ve learned my way out of that one- I just roll right on over every time.

Also, comfort is key here folks. Personally, I like a pillow under me when I’m eating, can you really blame a guy?? Sometimes they forget or think I won’t notice, ha ha silly parents! I just give them my pouty lip and a couple cute whimpers and they melt in my hands! Whatever your thing is, make sure you stick to your guns!

Oh, and the morning is VERY important. I gotta make sure they are awake NO later then 6 or 7. And I won’t settle for that “half awake-stay in bed-get my eyes open” business. Sleep-deprived Mommy and Daddy don’t have the energy to try to get away with anything, so this helps them remember who is in charge here!!

And get this one! Mom thought she could SCHEDULE my feedings!!! Ha ha Mom, nice try. I’m the boss, haven’t you got the memo?! I live life free, what’s the fun in schedules??

Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple things we can agree on. Bath time is alright with me! I’m naked, I get to splash around in warm water, and peeing in the tub is a BLAST!! But they gotta make sure they don’t think they can do this for TOO long or I will fuss for the whole rest of our bedtime routine! I mean come on guys get it together, that water starts to get chilly after a while!

I’m also down with diaper changes. Nobody wants to sit in all that! And watching Mommy and Daddy’s reaction when they open that diaper is PRICELESS!

Bedtime has also got its ups now. At first, they thought it would be okay to just put me away in that bassinet or even in a whole other room in the crib! But then I saw what THEY were sleeping on. These guys got a pillow top California King and they are trying to tell me I gotta sleep in those little tiny things?! I know for a fact we can all sleep VERY comfortably together in the nice bed. I stood my ground on this one, and Mommy and Daddy are already very tired, so of course they gave in. 🙂

Aww I love my parents. I just have to give them my special baby eyes and everything goes how it should- by my rules!

Right in my Mommy’s arms, just like it should be!!!!

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1 Response to Life through Liam’s eyes.

  1. lisa sadler says:

    Hahaha!! That is soooo true! I love it!

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