Liam Hunter’s 8 Week Old Schedule

Our schedule has changed frequently over the passed 8 weeks due to both of us adjusting, growth spurts, and weaning off of formula. We finally have a schedule that works for us at the moment!

9AM: We officially get out of bed. I brush my teeth and grab an ice water.
We nurse, then feed our animals.
Coffee and Tummy Time/Story Time
Then I get us both dressed and put him in the baby carrier.

10AM: We go on our 30 minute morning walk.
This is crucial because I’m trying to get back in shape.
He’ll usually nap during this time.

1030AM: Nursing session+water (I have to remind myself to get a water before every session to stay hydrated). We now go 1.5 hours during the day between feedings. He use to nurse every hour when he had his last growth spurt and now wants that comfort still.
Then I make breakfast.

12PM: We nurse again. (+water)
Then I do some chores and work out.

130PM: Before this session, I super swaddle him. That way he will fall asleep after feeding and take a good long nap in his bassinet!

3PM: Nurse+water

430PM: Nurse+water
Tummy Time/Story Time

530PM: 30 minute evening walk.

6PM: Nurse+water
Feed animals
Make dinner.

730PM: Nurse+water

815ishPM: Bathtime! For both of us. I fill up the infant bathtub and stick it next to the adult bath. Then I fill up my bath and we take one at the same time!
Then I give him a lotion massage, put on his sleeper, and super swaddle him.

9PM: I nurse him, he falls asleep, I lay him down in his bassinet.

He makes up our nighttime schedule because I am so exhausted I barely know whats going on, let alone try to keep a schedule in mind. Usually he will wake up in his bassinet around 2AM, I bring him into bed with me and nurse side lying. We do this about every two hours from then on.

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