“BOO! There is poop EVERYWHERE!!!”

This morning, our first horror poop experience occurred.

Liam and I woke up in a happy mood at around 730. I gave him a bath and read him one of our favorite stories, Lady and the Tramp. I put him in one of my favorite outfits of his, a black and white striped onesie with red socks and dark blue gloves. Then, we did Tummy Time where he rolled onto his back over and over again. I made some coffee and was enjoying how smooth our day was going.

I was checking my email with Liam in his baby carrier and heard him pass a pretty loud bowel movement. Before I could even get up to go to the changing table, I felt a warm trickle down my leg. I looked down in horror, there was poop running down my leg onto the carpet!!!

“BOOOOOO!!!! There is poop EVERYWHERE!!” I yelled to Dylan who was still sleeping in the other room. I knew he was going to LOVE this, because I am always saying things like “It’s okay, it’s just a little cute baby pee” and “It’s not gross, it’s CUUUTE!” whenever he gets one of Liam’s unexpected spit ups, pees, and poopys.

He ran in and saw the explosion. There was literally poop on everything! All over me, Liam, his cute outfit he only got to wear for an hour, the changing table, the infant carrier, the carpet, and even in weird places that were nowhere near us (like the exercise ball?!***).

We started bath number two for the day, cleaned up ourselves and the house, then the Poopy Monster completely passed out (that must have felt GREAT for him!!!).

Ohhh the joys of being a mom! 🙂

***Random Fact: I have discovered bouncing on an exercise ball is a quick way to calm a fussy baby!




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3 Responses to “BOO! There is poop EVERYWHERE!!!”

  1. ogpeelar says:

    I laughed my butt off on this one. Awe welcome to mommyhood 101

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